Corpus Christi TX Restaurants – Pick A Spot For Some Great Food

Corpus Christi, Texas is such a great place, and I used to live about four hours away from there. Wouldn’t you know that I never made it to Corpus? I have many family members and friends that did though. One of them was my former pastor, who ended up moving there. Are you also moving there, or are you just going to enjoy some vacation time in Corpus? You know where this article is heading, as I just love to give good restaurant picks for the cities that are virtually visited.

When you visit Corpus Christi TX, you are going to find some good ones. Let’s begin with Andy’s Kitchen, which is on South Staples Street. According to the menu highlights, there are blueberry muffins that you can enjoy. I also see breakfast quesadillas mentioned, and to be honest, that is the first time I have heard that term. Having lived in Texas, I know breakfast tacos well, but wow, breakfast quesadillas, okay.

The next Corpus Christi restaurant is Snoopy’s Pier, which is on South Padre Island Drive. You are talking about seafood, ice cream and so much more. That is a really cute name, and I would certainly want to visit the establishment since it is on the pier.

Catfish Charlie’s is the next establishment, and you can certainly expect to eat some great catfish there. You will also have the chance to eat some frog legs if you like. I’m not sure I would be eating those, but this restaurant certainly seems like a good pick. One reviewer calls this place a casual seafood stand, but the picture shows a quite sizable building. Catfish is very popular in Texas if you didn’t know, and so this is a great stop to make while you are vacationing at the beach in Corpus Christi, Texas.